Wow! Okay, it’s been awhile.

Busy spring and summer, as you see. Still listening — still no word on a baby of our own, but we continue to take delight in Holly whenever Zorah lets us, and of course I have my own little sisters and brothers growing up at home! Hard to believe Daniel’s already ten. This September I’ll probably be helping homeschool Daniel, Ben, Ziah, Pris, and Beth. The girls especially are at an age when they could use women around to guide them.

So what’s today’s devotion?

“Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” Psalm 23:6 (NIV)

How appropriate is that for a pretty summer day? And they do follow me, even if I don’t always get my way. Putting God first gives me what I need, even if it’s not what I think I want at the time. Maybe I’m still supposed to help out at home, because after all I’m not doing anything all day, just cleaning messes that don’t exist. Neal and I are neat people: dishes straight into the dishwasher, chores on a schedule, everything in its place. Everything I need to do gets done by noon if I’m up at nine (I like to sleep in some). What if I used the rest of my day to help my brothers and sisters?

That’s love, after all. Love is giving. So while Neal pays the bills, I’ll teach English and history (my favorites!). Daniel and Ben and Ziah and Pris do the same lessons anyway. Three groups will be easy. They can help each other out while I’m working with the others.


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